A Crash Course In Liverpool History

Liverpool’s history is as deep and rich as any other European city, however it can prove to be rather bewildering to try and understand all of it in one go.

Thankfully, there are a tonne of great resources that can provide you with everything you need to know about this fantastic place, so you can get properly swatted up before you make a trip to visit it yourself.

Never underestimate the value that context can bring to your life, although I gather the majority of my information from books and museums around the city, there are a handful of fantastic sources that I’ve found to bolster my knowledge further.

Video Content

What’s My Line?

This episode of What’s My Line?, a classic British panel television show from the mid-20th Century offers an interesting light on how Liverpool’s culture was perceived at the time. No doubt the city’s reputation has changes somewhat since this episode was aired:

The History of the City of Liverpool

You can’t beat a good bit of local knowledge sometimes and that’s exactly what this video offers. Although the video footage is a little compromised there’s plenty of great information here about the city including some really interesting tidbits that even I wasn’t aware of:

Online Articles

The Liverpool History Society is home to many concise and fascinating free articles from topics as far ranging as a complete history of the city, an expose of how the council of 1965 flooded a Welsh town and profile on some of the city’s most influential characters. Even today Liverpool is a city of opportunity, this is a reputation that it has held for centuries. The History Society do a fantastic job of breaking down the trials and tribulations of this city, whilst contextualising many of the historical events and framing them in comparison to what is happening in the city today. You can take a look at their articles and see if there any talks that you would like to attend by taking a look at their website here.


If you’d rather wait until you get here to learn about the city then there are no better places to do this than at the Museum of Liverpool which is conveniently placed just a short walk away from the Royal Albert Dock. This wonderfully researched and effectively presented museum is a real credit to the city, offering a detailed look into the formation of the city from its roots in ancient history to present day. No expense was spared in collecting authentic artefacts from the city’s history. Should you wish to learn more about the city’s maritime history then you can do so at the Merseyside Maritime Museum (the namesake of this blog).

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